Saturday, December 6, 2014

How To Maximizing Your Talents

A lot of us would always ask God "why have you not given me everything that I needed?" Sometimes, we ask this question because we see that our neighbor seems to have been given everything that they want in life, from money, love, career, etc.

Human as we are, we would like to have the same benefits and privileges that another person has and is enjoying in life.

Do you know that no matter how much we complain and tell God that He has not been giving us the things we need, the Parable of the Talents shows us a different angle and perspective.

The Parable of the Talents shows us that God has entrusted us with different talents. He is the master who was about to embark on a journey but prior to leaving, he has called for his servants and has given them talents based on their capability. What was the master expecting from his servants? The master expects that each and every servant would use the talents wisely and multiply it.

The first servant was given 5 talents and was able to invest it and multiply it by another 5. The second servant was given 2 talents and was able to multiply it by another 2. The third servant however, was foolish enough to just bury the talent in the ground.

The parable of the talents speak of our individual characteristic which makes us all unique. In life, we would find that one's talent is not the same as the talent of the other and this is what makes us unique as individual human beings. However, the individual uniqueness should not be a basis for one person to envy the other because what one should do is to try to seek the God-given talent within them.

Inspirational speaker Bo Sanchez said that "We are unique based on our own capabilities." This is where the Parable of the Talents would again come in. If we were to think of it, why did the master give 5 talents to one servant, 2 talents to another and only 1 talent to the third? Wouldn't it be unfair on one end that the master has not given equal talents to each individual?

The answer would go back to the fact that the master only gave each servant based on their capability or ability. So to the one where he gave 5 talents, he knew that that servant could multiply and increase it. To the one where he gave 2, he knew that the servant can only handle as much as 4 talents once the servant decides to multiply and increase it.

Have you ever asked yourself why the rich people continue to become rich? It is because, they were psychologically prepared to handle such a huge amount. For those in the middle class and lower class bracket, we would sometimes hear or read in the news of "one-day millionaires." These are people who would win in the lottery but then, after 1 week, they are back to where they are.

Why is this so? Because the person was not ready and capable of handling such a huge amount of money that they become so eager and angry to spend all the money and go back to where they are.

The same goes with the talents that God has given us. We were not all created equally but then we are also given different capabilities so it is simply up to us on how we are going to manage and multiply our God-given talents.

We need not be like the third servant who simply buried the talent under the ground but we should be like the two servants who increased their talents and multiplied it. Let's not be like the third servant who was afraid of multiplying their God-given talent but rather, we should take that risk and increase that talent.

How can one increase their talent? This is a very good question which inspirational speaker Bo Sanchez would have an answer. He mentioned that God has given us talents because it is God's way for us to increase and multiply it. When we increase and multiply our God-given talents, that means that we would be using it to serve God.

Bo further asks the question: "Do you want to be rich?" Why of course, no one would want to belong to the poor or live a life of poverty. Bo further states that "if you want to be rich, use your God-given talent and that would be your avenue towards achieving greatness and that would eventually elevate you and give you financial freedom."

There is a reason why God has given us talents based on our capabilities. This is because God knows how and what are capabilities are in increasing it. We may not have the same results but definitely, if we are going to use our God-given talents to serve God, then this would be our way towards financial freedom

Black America Crisis

What is wrong with Black America? The African-American community is not only facing a crisis, they are in a crisis and too many don't seem to care and get angry whenever someone dares to disturb their complacency with calls for necessary change; Whenever someone expects more of them than less than mediocre performance or attitude, and encourages them to stop just moseying along to nowhere and develop a proper sense of direction, mission and purpose with R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

The United States as a whole suffers from a crisis in character (as we drift further away from our biblical moorings, having lost sight of the Scriptural shore and are about to enter into the EU Storm that will capsize all and leave few survivors), but this is especially evident and most glaring among the Black community with its undeniable soaring rates of HIV/AIDS, illegitimate children, drug and alcohol abuse, and shameless dependence on others to do for them what they can do for themselves.

This CRISIS will not just blow over, will not just go away by itself, will not somehow get better by itself but can only get worse, unless the necessary drastic actions are taken. You must save yourselves!

This is merely a serious springboard of ideas to excite the imagination of possibilities, honestly seeking solutions, working together to consider options - a start in the right direction. This rough draft represents a call for men and women of goodwill to bless Black America, so help us God.

Within Diversity Demands: Segregate Now! I call for voluntary repatriation of Blacks to Africa. Some counter that, "Asking Blacks to volunteer to return to Africa will never happen."

Other than those leaders with a God-given pioneer spirit, excited about the very real opportunities Africa can offer, voluntary ethnic repatriation, with attractive economic incentives, can begin the end of the unnatural state we find today within the Babylon of "multiculturalism" - a confused state that is destined to self-destruct into Balkanization, if such preventive measures aren't taken to avert it.

"Africans are risking death to cross over into white countries in Europe because Africa is a slum."

Too much of Africa is a slum, but not all of it. Before the accursed liberals destroyed the relatively peaceful and prosperous South Africa under white management, many were risking it all to move into the besieged country condemned by useful idiots (for the ANC/Communists). Apartheid didn't stop all those Black Africans seeking to move to South Africa!

The United States could help establish MODEL COMMUNITIES in Africa, create African-American villages, that hopefully the Africans would copy, with help from repatriated Black Americans: American pioneers with a purpose.

Look at our inner city wastelands. Busloads of politicians should be forced to take a tour of our inner cities. American tax-payers should demand our politicians endure a tour of the innumerable housing projects, and acknowledge that such wanton liberalism is corrupt to the core and self-defeating. There's got to be a better way: BLACK TO AFRICA.

Let all the Black organizations, secular and religious, help prepare such MODEL COMMUNITIES (not proven failed projects) - where's Oprah when you need her? - by establishing businesses to hire the repatriated. With many American companies outsourcing, let them be encouraged to outsource to such African-American communities to be established in Africa: WORKING MODEL COMMUNITIES exercising proper peer pressure to work and succeed and respect themselves, their neighbors, community and country. If some demand a village to help raise a child, then let the village help raise productive adults!

Let a proper BTA "village council" be formed to brainstorm and offer constructive ideas and goals, primarily composed of Black leaders and corporate sponsors. Let the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Paige, Bill Cosby, Barack Obama and others who love their people come forward and rise to the occasion. (If not now, when?) Let major companies enlist to assist the noble efforts of those leading the way.

Once the BLACK TO AFRICA movement gets underway, and its various sponsored "villages" prove a success story, others will be motivated to follow suit. Black America has everything to gain and nothing to lose but the shackles of self-destruction. God Bless America! God Bless Africa!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Aborigines and Australia

A recent road trip covering thousands of kilometres through the heartland of the Australian continent, through iconic areas such as Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kakadu and all towns in between, has emphasised that the indigenous people of this vast and welcoming land often lack any real sense of hope. This is so strongly linked to a lack of employment.

The general population of this egalitarian nation very much support the equality and uniqueness of our first people. They very much desire these people to have all the expected opportunities of every other Australian. Successive federal and state governments for decades have poured billions of dollars into various schemes to assist these people become more equal to all other non-indigenous people. Unfortunately, these schemes most often ignored the wishes of the indigenous people, or were not fully informed as to the needs of these peoples, and were more paternal than realistic. Often, it could be claimed, that the infamous white Australia policy was once again being implemented here, whether explicitly or implicitly.

What was observed in the towns along the main route from Adelaide, South Australia, to Darwin in the Northern Territory, and west to Kununurra in Western Australia, was a financially poor indigenous people with very limited employment opportunities. A people who were wandering around, looking for something to do. Most of these towns are very much isolated from the larger towns and cities of this huge, vast, dry land. It is common knowledge within Australia that the Australian aborigines lack opportunities for equality with the rest of the nation in particular in the critical areas of health, education, employment and even the law as seen through the incarceration rate.

Key aboriginal elders, and those other non-indigenous Australians who either live with or who provide employment for, must be listened to seriously in any policy formulation and implementation. Former policies need to be evaluated with proper key aboriginal input. No longer can Australia flail about searching for successful strategies, policies and laws.

The obvious observation within the towns visited on this trip was one of poverty and a lack of employment opportunities. Towns just didn't have the employment opportunities or apparent infrastructure to support the number of indigenous people and others in each of these places. Without a proper job and income so many other difficulties arise. Poverty was rampant. Housing was poor. Poor health resulting from poverty and a lack of hope, both physical and mental, may have been in need of assistance, but wasn't overtly obvious from the outside. Education success, from most reports, is challenged often as a result of poor attendance or lack of hope in any future opportunities leading to poor attendance or limited years of schooling or any lead in to tertiary study.

Employment options seemed very limited for aborigines, especially in towns and areas with shared aboriginal ownership or 'lease-ship', such as Uluru (Ayers Rock). The great majority of people employed in the township resort and businesses adjacent to the actual iconic Uluru rock, along with the cultural centre precinct at the actual rock, were non-aboriginal! This seems quite extraordinary.

There was also a view expressed that many aborigines living near mines were employed there and after some time decided to leave their positions, live off their earnings and basically remain unemployed and mainly socialising within their local communities, often within their nearest town. However, this was not a common situation on the journey undertaken. Most places visited on the Stuart Highway and others did not have the option of mine work.

There is currently a movement in its infancy within Australia challenging lawmakers and the general population to think and act beyond the square and failed historical policies.

Australia must offer its indigenous aborigines a truly shared role in deciding how to support their needs. To carefully listen to the elders of these communities so as to formulate strong, valid and incisive polices, which will bring about an end to the lack of hope which appears to be found in most aboriginal communities.

Employment will lead to a feeling of self-worth, the need to have their children educated, to look after everyone's health better with the assistance of local health services and to keep out of trouble and prison because family and community life is seen as so important to community members.